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I'm Tiarna, a Director of Beat Collective. Took over from Martiln / Matt in June 2020.

I love this community to pieces, and am excited to be a force in helping Beat Collective grow!

I enjoy most genres, but the ones most likely to vibe with me are trance, games/ films soundtracks, prog house and melodic variants, prog whatever, Celtic, and a smattering of everything else. Music with a strong atmosphere, story or beat tends to get me.

I've studied Audio Engineering, but my day job is a professional Marketer and sometime-freelancer in all things creative.

Feel free to reach out to me for any of the following:

- Feedback on what we're up to here at Beat Collective

- Album / Song art (my Instagram handle is Karakhanzi - happy to chat about art if my style is what you're looking for)

- Any questions in general!

Tiarna / Karakhanzi
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